How To trade Cryptocurrency

In this article we will be talking about how someone can trade cryptocurrency. As you know there are a lot of sites which let you buy and sell cryptocurrency, but this article will be about how to buy and sell cryptocurrency on which is told to be the best site where you can buy and sell (trade) cryptocurrency.


1. You will first need to open a coinbase account. It is very simple, go to and press the “Sign Up” button and enter the needed information that you see on your screen, these will be, your name, your last name, password and other basic information that is needed for the site.

2. Secondly when your coinbase account is verified you will have to add a payment method to proceed. This will enable you to use the payment method you have picked and money will be transferred when you spend money or get money.

3. When you have added your payment method, in your dashboard find “Buy/Sell” button from here as the name suggests you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Simply chose the cryptocurrency that you would like to purchase and click buy, here you go you have just bought your first cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that you should make a lot of investigating first for you to not lose money.

4. Now that you have cryptocurrency in you account, when the time comes you can sell it as easy as buying it. From your dashboard go to “Buy/sell” again and pick the sell layer here you can sell the cryptocurrency that you have.

As you can see it is very simple to buy and sell cryptocurrency in coinbase, if you know what you are doing you can make huge amounts of money in weeks. But of course, you should know what you are doing and for that you need a lot of research on the topic.




I tweet 15-20X/week mostly on Technology and Entrepreneurship

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Gagan Deep

Gagan Deep

I tweet 15-20X/week mostly on Technology and Entrepreneurship

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