How to Mine Cryptocurrency by Yourself

These days when you hear from other people that they mine cryptocurrency; you might have question marks about what mining cryptocurrency means. This article will let you know about what it actually means and other from that show you step by step how you can mine cryptocurrency by your own. You might be thinking right now, “I bet it is a hard process to do such a thing.” This is actually not true at all. Mining Cryptocurrency by yourself in your home is actually really easy and only few clicks to do. But before we tell you how to do it let me first explain to you what Mining Cryptocurrency means.

Mining Cryptocurrency is the process of you using your computer’s hardware to create cryptocurrency. “How do I do that?” Let me explain it right away.

By using different software created particularly for this job you can use your computer’s features like your hardware to produce cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of software that can do this for you but I will show you the easiest way to mine cryptocurrency and get the money you earn right away.


1. First you will need to go to and create an account. Basically, just press the “Join” button on the top left corner and give the information that is requested of you.

2. Once you have created your account a verification will be sent to your e-mail address. When that happens just click the link that is given and verify your account.

3. When your account is verified login to your account. On the top of the site you will see the “Mining” Tab just click that and go to Miner App and download the application that is available there.

4. After downloading the app just install in in to your computer and afterwards press “Login” and login in to your account that you have created. And press start. It will take some time for it to look at your computers features after that just press start and you are done! You are now mining cryptocurrency on your computer.




I tweet 15-20X/week mostly on Technology and Entrepreneurship

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Gagan Deep

Gagan Deep

I tweet 15-20X/week mostly on Technology and Entrepreneurship

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