Choosing A Bitcoin Wallet

If you are interested in investing in bitcoin then you may have the question in your mind about how to choose a bitcoin wallet. This article is going to be about how to choose a bitcoin wallet, what a bitcoin wallet is, and what should you be looking at when you are picking one. Let us start!

What is a bitcoin wallet?

You are interested in buying bitcoin and you want to start right ahead, there are some steps you must consider to do this. The first one is to find a bitcoin wallet, what a bitcoin wallet is: A virtual wallet where you will be storing all of your bitcoins that you have purchased.

What should you be looking at when you are picking a bitcoin wallet?

The first and most important thing for your wallet is security, because no one would want to lose something as precious as their Bitcoins. So, what you should be looking at first when choosing a bitcoin wallet is if that wallet is secure, check if there are passwords that you can create, e-mail verifying, private keys and phone verifying. If the wallet does not have these options, you should think twice about getting it.

Is the wallet you are planning on choosing shows you how they operate. Does the wallet that you are going to use is transparent in the way that the creators of the wallet are telling you everything that they are doing with your money.

The experience that you the user is having from the wallet. The most important thing maybe with this is if that wallet has an application for you to use in your mobile phone. Trust me this will help you a lot.

So, what are the best Bitcoin Wallets that we suggest, We made a list on what the best bitcoin wallets are:


Blockchain is considered to be one of the best bitcoin wallets. And their user experience is really awesome, try it out at . You should note that though blockchains market and wallet are separate from each other.


Coinbase was founded on June of 2012 and they are one of the strongest bitcoin wallets out there, there security is really good, you can store your bitcoins and trade them from the same site. Give it a look

3. TRAZOR is the called the most safe bitcoin wallet out there, though you can not sell or buy bitcoins with this website you can store your bitcoins the most safe way.




I tweet 15-20X/week mostly on Technology and Entrepreneurship

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Gagan Deep

Gagan Deep

I tweet 15-20X/week mostly on Technology and Entrepreneurship

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